Robo '2.

Robo '2.
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Giant size entertainment!

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Gem of a thriller

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The story of the film is different because villain is a good man, but creates mass destruction for a good cause. When hero fights against such a villain, it forms a strange premise. Plus points of the film Rajnikanth, Akshay Kumar, Shankar’s grand vision, 3D effects and technical brilliance. On the flipside, the emotions are missing in the film (except for villain’s flashback). On a whole, 2.0 is worth a watch and watch in in 3D format!

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టెక్నికల్లీ బ్రిలియంట్ - ఎమోషన్స్ వీక్

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The story of 2.0 revolves around mobiles and its networks which is killing birds which in turn has become a threat to humanity. Writer and Director Shankar have to be applauded for making such a relevant story into a movie with the Superstar. He succeeded in conceiving an interesting plot but failed in engaging the audience with the screenplay. The first half of the movie takes to set the plot up and second half bores for a lot of time. When everyone thinks that the movie is finished, the story begins again and this time it gives us ticket worthy entertainment. The VFX of Chitti character seems like an animated character in the long shots of introduction scenes. To sum up, a need of the hour story made with two superstars of Indian cinema by a visionary director is what brings people to theatres and they give us a film to watch happily this weekend.

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Less Heart More Wonder

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Banner Lyca Productions
Stars Rajinikanth,Akshay Kumar,Amy Jackson,Sudhanshu Pandey,
Music A. R. Rahman
Director Shankar Shanmugham
Producer K. Karunamoorthy,Gaurav Misra,A. Subashkaran
Cinematography Nirav Shah


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