Uppu Huli Khara

Uppu Huli Khara
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Malashree is entertaining as the Dabanggesque cop. Newbies Sharath, Shashi and Dhanu show promise. Sharath's dancing, especially, is worth a mention. The ladies have short, but entertaining roles to play and are commendable. One feels bad that Aporup Acharya's quirky comical villain role wasn't exploited as much

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The film is a complete entertainer which has all kinds of elements from romance, comedy, suspense and action

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Banner Tejeshwini Enterprises
Stars Malashri,Sharath,Anushree,Shashi Devraj,Jayashree Ramaiah,Mr. Dhananjay
Music Prajwal Pai
Director Imran Sardhariya
Producer M. Ramesh
Cinematography Niranjan Babu


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