Bilalpur Police Station

Bilalpur Police Station
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On the whole, Bilalpur Police Station is a slow and boring cop drama which misses the flow in many areas. The emotional connect is also missing in major areas and this is where the audience gets bored most of the time. Except for a since performance from the hero Srinath, this film has nothing to offer and can be left alone this week.

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ఓవరాల్ గా… మంచి కమర్షియల్ గా సందేశాత్మక చిత్రం గా ఈ సినిమా ఉంటుంది. విభిన్నమైన సినిమాల్ని ఇష్టపడే వారికి మంచి ఛాయిస్. సూ గో అండ్ వాచ్

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Beware of Bilalpur Police Station

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Banner M. S. Creations
Stars Maganti Srinath, Saanve Meghna, Gorati Venkanna , R.S.Nanda
Music Sabu Varghese
Director Naga Saimakam
Producer Mahankali Srinivasulu
Cinematography Thota. V. Ramana


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